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LG300Uniform Pitch Screw Vacuum Pump
Description :
The usual vacuum system cannot meet the requirements of clean oil and corrosion resistance, a large number of oil vacuum system was replaced by oil free clean vacuum system, dry oil-free vacuum products, clean and environmental protection would accelerate alternative water ring pump, reciprocating pump, mechanical pump of oil seal type. Screw vacuum pump belongs to the type of non-contact dry pump, it is a kind of ideal pump that is appears in the early 1990s. The advantages are wide range of pumping speed, simple and compact structure, suction cavity components without friction, long life, low energy consumption, without oil pollution, etc.
Screw vacuum pump is a studio that composed of a pair of parallel spiral rotor and the pump body, there is no friction and keeps a certain gap between the rotors and the pump body, the two rotors and the pump body formed a sealed cavity. When the rotors rotate, the gas in the sealing chamber is continuously pushed to the exhaust port. Screw vacuum pump does not need oil to lubricate and water to sealed, pump cavity completely without oil, so the screw vacuum pump is dry vacuum pump oil. It is updated products of a reciprocating pump, water ring pump, oil seal type vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pumps, roots pump unit.
  Screw vacuum pump of a guide process is equivalent to the level of pump, a plurality of guide screw vacuum pump the equivalent of multistage pump series, relative to multistage tandem dry vacuum pump (the claw type vacuum pump, multi-stage Roots vacuum pump).The gas pressure of the suction is higher than that of the discharge source. Such design makes the discharge of gas will not be mixed with oil material. The power of the motor is transmitted to the active shaft through the coupling device, and the main rotation shaft is transmitted to the driven shaft through the timing gear.  
A.Used scope
1. Electrotechnics: transformer, mutual inductor, epoxy resin vacuum casting, capacitor vacuum oil immersion, vacuum pressure impregnation.
2. Chemical industry and pharmacy: product distillation, drying, degassing, concentration, material transfer.
3. Industrial furnace: vacuum brazing, vacuum sintering, vacuum annealing, vacuum pressed gas quenching and vacuum dehydroxylation etc.
4. Vacuum coating: vacuum evaporation, magnetron sputtering, film continuous winding coating, and ion plating etc.
5. Metallurgy: special steel smelting, vacuum induction furnace, vacuum degassing, desulfurization.
6. Aerospace and Spaceflight: vacuum simulation tests for orbital cabin of space shuttle, the return cabin, the cabin of rocket attitude adjustment, spacesuits, the astronauts out of space capsule, shuttle levitation etc.
7. Drying: pressure-changing vacuum drying, kerosene gas box drying, wood drying, freeze vegetables drying etc.
8. The electronics industry: semiconductor industry.
B.Product CAD views
C. Type explanation
"L" means screw vacuum pump. "G" means dry-type vacuum pump. "B" means variable pitch; "F" means anti-corrosion. The suffix number means the pumping rate, and its unit is L/S.
For examples.
                  LG-150 shows 150L/S pumping rate of screw vacuum pump.
                  LGB-110 shows 110L/S pumping rate of variable pitch screw vacuum pump.
                  LGF55 shows 55L/S pumping rate of anti-corrosion uniform pitch screw vacuum pump.
                  LGBF75 shows 75L/S pumping rate of anti-corrosion variable pitch screw vacuum pump.

2.Structure principle and characteristics

●Screw Rotor
  Rotor is divided into uniform pitch and variable pitch of two kinds of structure. The type of LG is uniform pitch. The type of LGP is variable pitch. The rotor is made of five axis machining center precision machining center,After machining, the dynamic balance test of precision G1 level was adopted, to guarantee equipment performance。Screw rotor material according to different working condition is composed of the following three categories:
A、High NI - P alloy plating spherical graphite cast steel surface, suitable for general gas medium or small acid alkali medium.
B、316L and other stainless steel materials, suitable for stainless steel is not a strong reaction of the acid and alkali media.
C、TA, TC series of titanium material, suitable for most of the medium of acid.
●Timing Gears
  Equal proportional gear is one of the most important parts of screw pump,it can make the screw rotor and the rotor to keep a fixed gap.
  Fixed end bearing is SKF double row thrust ball bearing. Extended end bearing is high load roller bearings. These bearings are able to support high speed and high load operation. At the same time, it can keep the gap between gears and rotors.
●Shaft Seal
  The sealing device is composed of a multi lip dry stainless steel rotary sealing and sealing compound. This kind of composite sealing device can prevent the oil material from the former end plate into the shell, and prevent the pump from the pump into the bearing lubrication chamber, and prolong the service life of the pump and reduce the maintenance and improve the reliability of the equipment.
●Lubricating Oil
  Vacuum pump gear box used oil lubrication, oil should be added to the oil more than half of the mirror. If the oil is too little,Bearings, gears and mechanical seal will suffer from abnormal friction. Therefore, when the pump is not in working, please check the oil quantity and condition of oil pollution, in order to decide whether to need to increase or replace the lubricating oil.

1. Clean and environmental
   No lubricating oil in the working chamber, a dry vacuum pump, benefit for medium recycling, clean vacuum, no wasted-oil or wasted-water in the working process, no pollution to the environment, an environmental protection vacuum equipment.
2. High vacuum degree(ZL201611092878.8)
    Optimal design for rotor sinusoidal variation pitch (Patent Technology), precisely manufactured by the German five axis machining center equipment. The ultimate pressure is less than 1Pa, high vacuum pumping capacity, high working efficiency, low power consumption.
3. Preservative(ZL201520328906.6):
    For the different pumping medium, the material of flow components can been choosed as titanium ,stainless steel and other materials and spraying nano ceramic and NIP alloy coating are available. It also can pump corrosive and condensable  chemical medium, is suitable for work condition of pharmaceutical and chemical technology products’ industrial distillation, drying, concentrating, degassing etc.
4. Pump the condensable gas and a small amount of dust gas:
    There is design of a automatic suction blowing device in screw pump cavity, which can prevent a small amount of dust deposition in the pump cavity, and also it can be used to extract a small amount of dust gas.
5. Special design of shaft seal. Completely eradicate the pollution of the pumped medium and lubrication system (Patent technology):
    This special design can effectively prevent the mutual infiltration pollution from gear cavity lubricating oil and the pump cavity medium, for a real dry vacuum, and extend the service life of the main parts of the pump bearing gear. NIP alloy coating for over flow parts.
6. LGB series variable pitch is saving and low-noise (ZL201520932917.5):
    Optimization design of variable pitch rotor, obvious energy saving effect, such as: the power of 110L/S screw pump is nearly 5KW within1000Pa entrance in the using, less than 79dB without noise silencing equipment. Variable pitch screw pump is equipped with the design of variable frequency speed regulation to start and run under any pressure.
7. Smooth running:
    The rotor passed the G1 fine dynamic balance trial. Lower running smooth vibration.
8. High standard configuration:
   SKF bearing, synchromesh gears are made by 5 levels Gear manufacturing, German standard coupling.
9.Differentiated design for different industries:
   Our company design different pumps for the medicine chemical industry, electronic industry, based on different procedure working conditions. LGB variable pitch screw pump series are the updating replacements of H、2H series piston pump and 2X series rotary vane pump, because of its low energy consumption, low noise, and anti dust deposition design. The anticorrosion design of LGF series screw pump of over-flow part. In addition, it can pump a lot of vaporing water and corrosive medium. The design of exhausting mouth of cooling recycling muffler, is clean and environmental to these hard workplaces like chemical, pharmaceutical industry. Also it is the updating replacement of vertical reciprocating pump, water pump and water jet vacuum pump series those used in chemical industry
10. Full attachment configuration:
    The design for the screw pump is provided with a plurality of accessories, such as an inlet filter, an outlet silencer, an outlet cooling recycling device, a temperature sensor, a movable frame, etc.. Customers can choose their needs on different work conditions.

4. Function parameter
Pumping rate L/S
Ultimate pressure (Pa)
Power (KW)
Revolving speed (rpm)
Inlet diameter (mm)
Outlet diameter (mm)
Cooling water (L/min)
Noise (dBA)
Weight (Kg)



(1) Lubricating oil is used of 100 vacuum pump oil. Before ex-works delivery, equipping with pump oil and lubricating oil.
(2) The above cooling water quantity is based on the ambient temperature at the time of 20oC. When the ambient temperature is not the same, the quantity of recycled water will change.
(3) The noise value is measured in the exhaust opening chamber, such as the outdoor noise value is lower than 5-10dB (A).
Notice: This curve is tested under the condition that out-let is a normal pressure and in-let is a variable pressure.

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